Advanced Manufacturing in Switzerland

Advanced Manufacturing in Switzerland

SATW is convinced that industrial production methods will see fundamental changes over the coming years. Mastering new production technologies (advanced manufacturing) such as additive manufacturing and industry 4.0 will be vital to keep Swiss production at a competitive level.

New additive manufacturing processes such as 3D printing offer revolutionary opportunities and have the potential to replace traditional production methods. Industry 4.0 has seen the definition of a new concept for production control and product design, with the potential for major upheaval. Both topics are being discussed at conferences, and a number of Swiss research activities are already focusing on the two areas.

SATW aims to help improve coordination between these activities in order to identify and improve weaknesses. To this end, SATW has created the "Advanced Manufacturing in Switzerland" research overview.

The activities of its research partners (universities and universities of applied sciences) in the fields of additive manufacturing and industry 4.0 were examined in detail, and are presented in this publication and the associated tables.

Research Overview "Advanced Manufacturing in Switzerland"